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The North America Railway Hall of Fame is the main part of the cultural space at the Canada Southern Station. Built in 1871–1873, the Station has been a prominent landmark of the city of St. Thomas for over a century.


Pierre Berton

In addition to being a well-know television personality (Close-Up, 1957-63, Front Page Challenge, 1957-95, the Pierre Berton Show, 1962-73), Pierre Berton had a fascination with Canadian Rail History, and was the author of The National Dream: The Great Railway, 1871-1881 (1970), The Last Spike: The Great Railway, 1881-1885 (1972), The Impossible Railway: The Building of […]

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Ontario Northland Railway

Later to be developed than many other Canadian railway lines, the Ontario Northland was created through an act of the Ontario Legislative Assembly on March 17, 1902 as the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway. The goals in the development of this line by Premier George Ross’ government were to encourage settlement and access to mineral […]

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CN & VIA Cavalier

Canadian National operated an overnight train between Montreal and Toronto, consisting usually of two sleeping cars, including a day niter car and four coaches. There was also a snack bar and lounge.[i] This train facilitated morning business meetings, allowing a same day return. One of the sleeping cars carried on to Port Huron, Michigan, as […]

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Peter James McLean

Peter McLean began working for the New York Central Railroad at the age of 19 in St. Thomas, Ontario. Four years later on June 30, 1941 he became a journeyman machinist and quickly became assistant house foreman. Mr. McLean discovered a new use for magnets that saved a day of labour in keeping locomotive boilers […]

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Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico

The Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacífico – also known as the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway, has operated over 418 miles (673 kilometers) of track since the railway’s final completion in 1961. The completion of the Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico achieved a longstanding objective of the Mexican people – linking the city of Chihuahua to the port of Topolobampo, […]

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Town of Halton Hills

The Town of Halton Hills has a number railway related structures that date back to the mid 1850s and remarkably most of them are still in use. These structures were constructed under the direction of Colonel Sir Casimir Gzowski who was knighted by Queen Victoria and served briefly as the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. He […]

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Intercolonial Railway

The Intercolonial was an historic Canadian railway that operated from 1872 to 1918. It predated the Canadian Pacific Railway by nine years and in a sense was Canada’s first national railway. It was the first significant Crown corporation, and served as one of the technological means of connecting Britain’s North American colonies of Nova Scotia […]

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Russell Allison

Among his many accomplishments during his tenure as President, most significant was Mr. Allison’s initiation and responsibility for the construction of the Mount Macdonald tunnel project. Mr. Allison put forth the business case for the tunnel to CP’s Board of Directors, outlining the overwhelming financial and operational benefits of the tunnel. Famously, after the completion […]

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Keith Hunt

Keith Hunt rose from a 31-cents-an-hour apprentice to vice-president and helped to take Canadian National from the steam era to diesels, with a mistaken dalliance with the jet age along the way. Keith Hunt started his working life as an apprentice electrician in the CN rail yards in London, Ontario. He ended his working life as […]

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The Gloin Brothers

These three brothers were born at Yarmouth Centre, Elgin County, and were the sons of Emery Gloin (1849-1924) and Annie Harris (1858-1951). Emery had joined the Canada Southern Railway about 1883 and had worked on the New Sarum section gang for about ten years. Frank Gloin (March 4, 1888 – February 6, 1969) began his […]

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