Abe Kanner
Chief Engineer, Transportation Systems

Abe Kanner has more than 41 years of association with the transportation industry and more than 39 years working for Thales Rail Signalling Solution Inc. (formally ITT/Alcatel). Last position held with Thales was Chief Projects Engineer. He is a Founding member of the design team that developed in Canada the Communication Based Train Control system (CBTC) and SeltracR CBTC moving block train control system for urban transit. His main areas of expertise Train Control and signalling, including System Operation, Systems design, Hardware and Software.

The development of CBTC transformed the conventional fixed block Signalling industry into the de-facto solution throughout the industry as the state of the art Signalling and Train control systems and recognized Canada as an important player and industry leader in the field of advanced Signalling and Train control.

Thales Rail Signalling Solutions Inc. (Formally ITT/Alcatel) 1977-2016

Worked for Thales Rail Signalling Solution Inc. from February 1977 until retirement in Aug 2016.

During more than 39 years of service, Abe served different technical and managerial roles including a Software designer for Vehicle On Board Controller (VOBC), the manager of Microcomputer systems hardware and Software design, Special Assistant to the manager of Engineering, the manager of Engineering, Product manager Low Density Control Systems (LDCS), and Chief Project Engineer. His last position with Thales was as Chief Projects Engineer a position, held for more than 10 years.

Since 1977, he worked on most of the company’s projects.

As Chief Projects Engineer in the Projects department, he was responsible to ensure that technical solutions implemented are fit for purpose. In this position, he reviewed and addressed major technical issues ensuring safe designs and working with Customers on defining System Operation. Ensuring that the Automation provided meets the customer operational needs. He was also heavily involved in system commissioning and system introduction into revenue operation.

In addition to work on Projects, Abe filled major roles in the R/D programs for the development of the company products including the Centralized SeltracR loop and Radio, the Low Density Control system LDCS Loop and Radio, the Distributed control system SeltracR MS, Radio, Loop and radio switch control, and the Mainline ATCS, technologies. These technologies have modernized and transformed the Signalling and Train Control industry.

Throughout his tenure, Abe has also been instrumental in the development of a safety culture of the company, reviewing designs for safety, and serving as a longtime member of the Safety Committee. With a focus and interest in Automation safety, the safety of the man in the loop and the safety of the man machine interface.

In his various positions Abe was involved in the development of innovative technical solutions in response to customers RFP.

As part of the Project and R/D, Abe is also an inventor/co-inventor of 26 patents filing for the development of new products and existing products enhancements.

Responsible for the development together with others of 26 patents both in the CBTC system domain and related Railway application. Of these applications 11 were granted, 7 are pending and 8 are currently on hold by Thales. These patents apply to both new product design and major product enhancements.

Part of the Thales Canada Inc. Transportation group of NARHF Inductees.