Charles graduated from St. Thomas Collegiate Institute in 1950 with a Senior Matriculation diploma. He then began his professional journey as a laborer for Elgin County Roadworks, where he worked for two years. In May 1952, he transitioned to railway service as a trained telegrapher with the New York Central Railway, Canada Division. Over the years, Charles held various positions in the operating department spanning the area between the Niagara River and the Detroit River.

For approximately 23 years, Charles served as a Train Dispatcher at the CASO Station in St. Thomas, Ontario, retiring from CNR in April 1989. Following his retirement, he briefly worked as a Station Agent at Port Stanley during the summer for PSTR. From January 1990 to May 2012, Charles ventured into financial services before fully retiring.

Throughout his life, Charles has been actively involved with the Elgin County Railway Museum (ECRM), contributing to its establishment in 1989 and remaining an engaged member ever since. He proudly considers himself a rail enthusiast, a history buff, and a steadfast supporter of ECRM. In the attached photo, Charles is seen wearing his old railway cap and badge, emblematic of his lifelong connection to the railway industry.