Jack’s career on the railroad started a little differently than most. His interest lay in the telegraph, a vital part of the railroad.

Jack Brumpton was born June 16, 1899 on a farm half a mile east of Dexter Corners on Lakeshore Road, south of Sparta. In his early years, Jack worked for various banks in Port Stanley until 1918 when he went to work as a night operator for the London and Port Stanley Railway (L&PS.) In 1919, Jack was called into London for a day job working in the accounts and settlement department.

Jack continued on in London until 1926 when a vacancy at the St. Thomas Station allowed him to transfer once again to become the Station Freight and Passenger Agent for both the L&PS and Pere Marquette until 1948. In 1948, Jack was given the opportunity to return to his home station in Port Stanley as Station Agent. In Port Stanley, Jack received the same wages as his counterparts in both London and St. Thomas. In 1964, Brumpton retired from the L&PS Railway.

Jack was also an active member of the community, being a trustee for the Port Stanley School Board, commissioner of the Port Stanley P.U.C for eleven years, and being a member of the Scottish Rite Lodge. His other activities included Mocha Temple (London,) and Mason with the St. Mark’s Lodge 94 (Port Stanley.)

Jack was an active member of his community and an asset to the London and Port Stanley Railway where he rose through the ranks and held positions in every station on the line.