Jane Liu Ng (劉嘉美)
Chief Financial Officer / Vice President, Marketing & Strategy
ITT / SEL / ALCATEL / THALES Transportation Systems

Jane Liu started her urban rail signalling journey in Toronto, Ontario in 1975 with the original team who developed Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) into a full fledge train control system. She is an industry expert on the technology and has over 40 years of experience with the urban rail signalling industry.

Jane Liu served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and business partner with the SelTrac™ CBTC team to build the CBTC business and introduce it into the new era of signalling technology. She has worked closely with the original team for the DLR project and many more subsequent projects over the course of her long, distinguished career.

In 2004, at the eve of Chinese urban rail infrastructure construction era. Jane Liu has succeeded in bring the Seltrac@ CBTC technology into China. By 2006, Jane Liu was transferred to China to focus on building the CBTC business for Thales Canada in China.

By 2007, CBTC has replaced track circuit technology and become the national standard for all Chinese urban rail lines. By 2023, close to 10,000 km urban rail line are using CBTC. Given the technology is based on “Communication”, CBTC technology has paced with the evolution of communication technology and successfully applied 4G and 5G communication. With the advantage of speed, 5G communication has enabled safe operation of long-haul high-speed rail travelling over 350 kph with driverless mode of operation.

Jane Liu has given several talks and seminars on the history and evolution of CBTC to international audiences. After retiring from Thales Canada Inc., she consults on an as needed basis on the subject of CBTC.

Part of the Thales Canada Inc. Transportation group of NARHF Inductees.