Jean-Pierre Forestier
Special Adviser for Strategic Transport Topics

Mr. Jean-Pierre Forestier served as Special Adviser for Strategic Transport Topics at Thales SA since February 1, 2015 until December 2015.

Mr. Forestier served as an Executive Vice President of Ground Transportation Systems at Thales SA until February 1, 2015 and served as its Senior Vice President of Transportation Systems. Mr. Forestier serves as Chairman of the Board at Thales Canada Inc. and served as its Executive Vice President of Ground Transportation System. He started his career at ONERA-CERT, notably as Director of the Automation Division.

In 1985, he was named Director of the French Automation and Robotics Research Program at the Ministry of Research. In 1987, he joined Alcatel Alstom Research in Marcoussis, firstly as Director of the Computer Science Department, then as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

In 1995, he was nominated Managing Director of Alcatel Transport Solutions Canada. In 1997, he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the Alcatel’s Transport Solutions Division. He was then given charge of the Rail Signalling Solutions business within the Security Solutions and Services Division of Thales between 2007-2010, before being promoted in 2010 to Senior Vice President, Transportation Systems and thus becoming a member of the Executive Committee.

Part of the Thales Canada Inc. Transportation group of NARHF Inductees.