An outstanding history of Canada Southern, Michigan Central and New York Central passenger service along the Canada Southern line through southwestern Ontario, from Buffalo/Fort Erie to Windsor/Amherstburg/Detroit and connections further afield. The book consists of well researched historical text, good writing, graphs of traffic, compilation of passenger statistics, historic photographs and images of posters and advertising. The author is a most prolific writer of Canadian railway history.

Interest in researching and writing this book resulted from a 1983 trip to St. Thomas to view the Canada Southern Station. Impressed by the magnitude of the building, the author felt that it needed documentation and that the subject matter had to deal with passenger service beyond the experience of a single Canadian city.

This book is the twelfth of a series, with research having been completed for eighteen books, covering Canadian railways coast to coast. They are available in public libraries and considered very important to the study and understanding of railways in Canada.