As the pioneer of CBTC technology, Thales improves safety and passenger service frequency while
optimizing life-cycle cost. With over 30 major customers and over 2,500 kilometers of track applications
world-wide, our SelTrac™ CBTC solutions are ideally suited to driverless and fully automated operations
and readily address the major social challenges of increased mobility and green transportation. Our
customers are urban rail operators, prime contractors, systems integrators, and rolling stock OEMS.

Ninety percent of requests for new signalling are now calling for CBTC. Modern signalling and train
control solutions such as Thales' SelTrac™ take advantage of the power and sophistication of advanced
electronic systems. Thales is committed to remain at the forefront of innovation and keeping its customers
competitive with the latest technology. We also provide regional integrated fare collection systems, which
help make public transport more attractive for both passengers and operators.

These systems facilitate seamless mobility on all transit systems in a region or municipality, improve
traffic flows and efficiency, and enhance operator competitiveness and profitability.

Thales has unmatched experience in ensuring metro lines run at peak efficiency with very high reliability
and availability. For passengers’ comfort and satisfaction, we help you provide punctual trains, accurate
real-time information, easy ticketing and wireless connectivity both in station and in motion. Designed for
maintainability and optimised for reduced cost of operation, our systems have the most attractive Total
Cost of Ownership. Our excellent record of safety and service continuity speaks for itself.

Part of the Thales Canada Inc. Transportation group of NARHF Inductees.