Steam locomotive 6167, built in 1940. It was rebuilt after a disastrous collision in 1942 with sister 6166 in Quebec. Engine No. 6167 served in Eastern Canada during WWII hauling material and troops. She was retired at the end of steam in 1959 and eventually chosen to head a steam tourist program in 1960, making tours throughout southern Ontario. She was removed from tourist service in 1964 and stored in Toronto until donated to the City of Guelph in 1967 during Centennial Year.

Maintenance was originally performed by the group of volunteers responsible for having the CNR donate the locomotive to Guelph. After some years the City picked up the maintenance through the help of inmates of the Guelph Correctional Institution. This maintenance ended in the early 1990s, after which nothing was done until a number of citizens complained to the City about her deteriorating condition.

The Committee’s activities were confined at first to hearing from experts on restoration and fundraising. The City committed $250,000 to the restoration, but the Council of the day deferred the release of the money for the restoration throughout its term. Finally, with a new City Council, funds were made available in 2008.

Volunteers prepared the locomotive for removal of the asbestos under the boiler jackets, which was completed in 2009. At that time the whole engine was painted. The City’s decision to move the locomotive as a result of its implementation of a new transit centre halted restoration. Volunteers prepared the locomotive and tender for the move, which was accomplished in mid-June, 2010. Preparatory to the move, it was found that the boiler and smokebox were still in excellent condition.