The Michigan Central Roundhouse, built in 1887 as part of the Michigan Central repair facilities, has been brought back to life as the headquarters for two digital companies, Ellipsis Digital and Engine SevenFour. The roundhouse was part of a complex of three railroad buildings, and was designed by architect Samuel Peters. It was in use for ten years until repair work was moved to the larger MCRR shops in St. Thomas.

In its restoration, the interior walls and defining features from the restaurant were removed and stripped back to brick. The floors were dropped 1.5 metres to the original grade level, and then fitted with heating elements along the former track lines. During restoration, bricked-in-windows and bays were restored and skylights installed where three original exhaust stacks had been, bringing natural light into the high-ceilinged interior.

New sections within the building, such as the Caboose (lounge area, non-gendered restrooms, shower, kitchenette, and storage space) and the Engine (main boardroom, office and meeting rooms) are named to reference the original railroad purpose 0f the building.