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The North America Railway Hall of Fame is the main part of the cultural space at the Canada Southern Station. Built in 1871–1873, the Station has been a prominent landmark of the city of St. Thomas for over a century.


William Stokes

William Stokes retired with 46 years of experience working on the Michigan Central and New York Central railways, in addition to active service in the Boer War and the First World War, a term as St. Thomas Mayor, several years as an alderman, membership in many service clubs and fraternities, and an early job dressing […]

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“The Canadian” Park Car Murals

In 1954, the Canadian Pacific Railway purchased 173 stainless steel streamlined rail cars from the Budd Company of Philadelphia. To highlight the natural beauty along the route and to promote tourism, CPR decided that Canada’s national and provincial parks should be the inspiration for the interior design of “The Canadian” rail cars. The Royal Canadian […]

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The 20th Century Limited

The 20th Century Limited was the most famous of the named passenger trains operated by the New York Central Railroad. It traveled between New York’s Grand Central Station and Chicago’s LaSalle Street Station from 1902 to 1967. In its peak year, 1928, the 20th Century earned revenue of $10 million, making it possibly the most […]

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Civil Engineers Walter and Francis Shanly

The Shanly brothers, Walter(1819-1899) and Francis(1820-1882) were Irish-born civil engineers, who worked mostly on railways, and came to British North America in 1836, settling on a farm near Thorndale beside the Thames River north of London, Upper Canada. The Shanly brothers disliked farming and eventually searched for employment that was more in keeping with their […]

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Ronald Lawless

Ronald Lawless served a number of roles with the Canadian National Railway, beginning as a clerk of CN Express in 1941. He rose through the ranks, becoming vice-president of sales in 1972 and vice-president of marketing in 1974. He became president of the rail division in 1979 and chief operating officer three years later. Eventually […]

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Railway Circus Trains

  The first circus train left New Jersey in 1872. It was organized by showman William Cameron Coup, who had partnered with the Barnum circus and the Dan Castello circus for a show that would prove revolutionary. Travelling by train dramatically changed the circus, which had before then traveled overland, with hundreds of horses pulling […]

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Rail Grinding

The rail grinder is the most effective tool for lengthening the life of rails. Replacing rails is extremely costly; so most railway companies turn to rail grinders to keep their rails usable for a longer period of time. These grinders extend the life of the rails, spikes and anchors, ties, and ballast. Trains cause a […]

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Broadway Limited

The Broadway Limited was a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train operating between New York and Chicago from 1912 to 1995. The name “Broadway” was not a reference to the theatre district of New York, but to the railroad’s four-track right-of-way. Visually, it became a streamlined train on June 15, 1938 with cladding on the locomotives and […]

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Kettle Valley Steam Railway

This historic railway built between 1910 and 1915 is still operating as a tourist train, and still uses a steam engine built in 1912. It offers regular rides and special rides like the Great Train Robbery. The Kettle Valley Railway was built to connect the Okanagan Valley to the ocean – a “Coast-to-Kootenay” railway, in […]

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Arlein Family

  The Arlein men held many positions on the railroad, from engineer, to conductor, dispatcher, machinist, boiler maker, clerk, and blacksmith. It all started with Charles Arlein who emigrated from Belgium in 1855. He started on the railroad when he was 24 as a boilermaker. He spent the next 41 years serving the company. There […]

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